Volleyball Quest


1. The video you submit needs to be no longer than 1-2 minutes.  Preferred method is making video during practice, warm-ups or a game, to submit to me a series of 4-5 very short video clips of the same skill from beginning to end of the skill.

2. Take video from close to the court and from the side of the court if possible.

3. An example of this would be sitting about 4-5 rows up from the court and about 6 feet down from the net. You would video, say, an outside hitter being set the ball and attacking the ball 4-5 times with full approach thru landing after the hit. 

4. You can use a nice video camera or your phone (turned sideways) but the clearer the video the better.

5. When recording, don't move the camera during the action. get in a position that you can capture the entire execution of the skill without moving camera during the execution.

If you have any questions about the video instructions or anything else, please feel free to contact me thru the CONTACT tab above.


1. I will spend sufficient time watching your submitted video(s) to thoroughly break down every aspect of the skill preformed so that I can give a very detailed and complete evaluation. 

2. I will then use video analyzing software to record my evaluation of the video you have sent me. I will use the software to pause, slow down and use diagram overlays while verbally discussing what changes in form, timing etc that need improvement and how to go about making those improvements.

3. I will then send you back the evaluation video that I have created.

4. You will have a personal folder here at Volleyball Quest that we will keep all of your evaluated videos. These are useful for when you want to submit another video of the same skill to be evaluated again, I can do a comparison (side by side) video of the two and be able to easily see what improvements have been made from the previous evaluated video.


Single video skill evaluation---------------------------------------------------------------------- $20.00 USD

Three video skills evaluation package------------------------------------------------------ $50.00 USD

* five video skills evaluation package------------------------------------------------------- $80.00 USD

* Comes with an up to 15 minute live web conference or phone call to go over your evaluated videos.


1. First thing to do is go to CONTACTS and fill out the contact information. 

2. In the SUBJECT line you need to type: "Evaluation"

3. In the MESSAGE portion you need to let me know your name, email address you wish for me to reply to and the service package you wish to use.

4. If you are under 18 years of age, I need the contact information of the parent or guardian. I will not communicate with anyone under the age of 18 years of age.

5. I will reply back with all the information you need to then submit to me your payment and video and we are on our way!

Video Package Type