Sometimes we feel that the team/group coaching is not quite enough. We want more individual training to advance and excelerate learning and perfecting our skills. Sure, there are local trainers out there that do a good job. But if you are like lots of people that between work and home life it can be hard to travel to and from the trainer's location and working with a schedule.This is where I come in. I offer individual evaluations of a player's skills via video. It's easy! You submit a short video (camera or phone) and i will evaluate the volleyball skill shown. I will then make a full and personal video assessment, using video software analysis, evaluating the skill and give examples, drills, tips etc. Mainly catering to junior volleyball players ages 12-18 years of age but all ages are welcome!

The general of the court! Let me help you with the skills that can make you a better setter.

The power and glory of being the hitter. Let me help ensure you are doing everything in alignment to get the maximum power and accuracy.

So! What are you waiting for? Look under the Services tab above the see in more detail how this works.

Big discounts also for signing up for video package deals! 5 video Package deal comes with free personal video conference call to go over the video evaluation LIVE! Can't wait to hear from you!


Oh, the feeling of making a great pass! It wont happen every time but I hope to help you make it happen more often.

Individual certified volleyball skill evaluation using video analysis software

Volleyball Quest